Mar 24 2014

Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953)

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March 20, 2014. Princeton users now have access to this database, part of the ProQuest Historical Newspapers collection, which combines in one search a selection of English-language newspapers and periodicals produced in China. Major titles included are the North China Herald (1850-1941, also available as a separate database)) and the Chinese repository (1832-1851), but included are also large runs of the Chinese recorder (1868-1941) and the China weekly review (1923-1950), as well as some short runs of a handful of periodicals of mainly the Republican period: the Canton Times (1919-1920), China Critic (1939-1946), China Monthly Review (1950-1953), China Press (1925-1938), Millard’s China National Review (1919-1919), Millard’s Review of the Far East (1919-1921), Peking Daily News (1914-1917), Peking Gazette (1915-1917), Peking Leader (1918-1919), Shanghai Gazette (1919-1921), Shanghai Times (1914-1921), and Weekly Review (1922-1923).  Ads, social notices etc. are all separately indexed and searchable.

Mar 14 2014

Chinese Great Leap Forward and Great Famine database, 1958-62

March 14, 2014. To the previously available two databases  under the collective title “History of Contemporary Chinese Political Movements”, the Cultural revolution, and Anti-Rightist movement databases,  has been added a third, on the Great Leap Forward and the Great Famine.

This Great Leap and the Great Famine database includes more than 7,000 documents (directives, bulletins, internal reports, officials’ speeches, and major media commentaries with detailed citations.) Of the material 50% is from internal archives at various levels, including 3,000 highly classified records and investigative reports filed during the Great Famine. Included are documents on the context of these topics, as on such policies and campaigns as the state monopoly on grain purchase and marketing, the Collectivization of Agriculture, the Campaign to Eliminate Counterrevolutionaries, the Great Debate on “Red and Expert,” the “Dual-Antis” Campaign, the Campaign to “Open One’s Heart to the Party,” and the Campaign to “Pull Out White Flags and Erect Red Flags”.

As with the other two databases, there is a fully functional search-engine in both Chinese and English, with data retrievable by author, subject, title, date, keywords, and (new!)  locality (the documents themselves are in Chinese, naturally.) New features further include keyword highlight and toggle between Chinese and English.


Feb 26 2014

Trial access to the Pishu database

February 26, 2014. Princeton users have trial access until March 19 of a database of the collected volumes of papers called Pishu from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) published by the Social Science Academic Press (SSAP).

This database is in the final design stages of development with all archive content from this publisher – over 1,100 volumes of 皮书 (Pishu) in total. New pishu are uploaded on a monthly basis. between 15-20 new volumes each month. The archive covers all Pishu published by SSAP from 1991 onward and you can see the updated title list here: E.g., the last added issues contain

World economy analysis and forecast; Annual report on economic development of Shanghai(2014); Annual report on China’s medical industrial security(2013-2014); Annual report on social development of Heilongjiang(2014); Report on combating corruption and upholding integrity in China; Annual report on cultural development of Henan(2014); Analysis and forecast on social development of Gansu(2014); Analysis and forecast on economic development of Gansu(2014); Analysis and forecast of economy and society of Liaoning(2014); Annual report on development of Asia-Pacific(2014); Annual report on world cities(2014); Annual report on cultural development of Shanghai(2014); Annual report on international politics and security(2014).

We have only a subselection in paper, and ranges may be spotty. Note that almost all titles are Chinese-only, although they do have English alternative titles.

We urge those interested to seriously look at it, and let us know their opinion. Trial access  is available at An explanatory brochure about the database here: .

Feb 14 2014

Le Grand Ricci now online

February 14. Princeton users now have access via the internet to Le Grand Ricci Online at Previously only a cumbersome CD version was available on some computers in the East Asian Library.

Le Grand Ricci is to all purposes the most comprehensive bilingual dictionary of Chinese (into French) in the Western world. It covers three millennia of the Chinese language, from the Classics to the modern age, and is encyclopedic in its scope. The compilers were able to draw on the full range of French sinological expertise in completing the project, and has paid especially attention to specialized terms in a wide variety of fields (religion, medicine etc.) It contains  13,392 main entries (single characters) and 280,000 expressions (or Chinese words composed of a set of characters). Entries can be looked up by Chinese character, by romanization (pinyin), by radical and strokes, and by the total number of strokes.


Feb 12 2014

Princeton University Online Catalog of Shadow Figures

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The Princeton University East Asian Library has just released a fully searchable, image-rich, free online catalog of its collection of Chinese shadow figures.  The catalog includes photographs of each of the over 2,000 items in the collection, along with searchable categories and descriptions.  The catalog can be accessed at:

Princeton’s collection of shadow figures was acquired in the late 1920s for Guion Moore Gest, the founder of the Gest Collection.  They are made in the Luanzhou 灤州 or Laoting 樂亭 style popular in northeast China, and appear to date from the last years of the Qing dynasty (1644-1912) or the early years of the Republican Period (1912-1949).  In 2006, Mary E. Hirsch, a scholar of Chinese shadow theater, undertook the cataloging and re-housing of the collection.

With this catalog, users can easily find specific items in the collection, or view all of the items in a particular category or with particular characteristics.  Princeton’s collection will now be accessible to interested scholars the world over, free of charge.

Jan 21 2014

Trial to English-language Chinese Newspapers database, 1832-1953

January 21, 2014. Princeton users have until February 15 trial  access to the ProQuest Historical Newspapers: Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953) database, which combines in one search a selection of English-language newspapers and periodicals produced in China. While Princeton users have already regular online access to the North China Herald (as a separate database), and the Chinese repository, which constitute the major parts of this database large runs of the Chinese recorder and the China weekly review, as well as some short runs of a handful of periodicals of mainly the Republican period are also included, and may be very useful to you. Ads, social notices etc. are all separately indexed and searchable.

Since the database overlaps with other databases, your comments on the usefulness for your research of this particular one are very welcome in assisting us to make a decision; please let us know.

The database is available at

Please send comments to

Jan 15 2014

Nichigai Who plus trial

January 15, 2015. Princeton users have currently trial access to the database Nichigai Whoplus. This database is a Who’s Who which contains 610,000 people, both historical and contemporary. The trial runs to February 5.  

Title: Nichigai Whoplus 


ID: WDD18351

PW: WDD18351

Trial Period: 1/6/2014-2/5/2014 


About  whoplus
Whoplus Quick Guide

Please send any comments to Setsuko Noguchi,

Dec 19 2013

China, America and the Pacific

Dec. 19, 2013. Princeton users have now access to the China, America and the Pacific database, an extensive range of archival material connected to the trading and cultural relationships that emerged between China, America and the Pacific region between the 18th and early 20th centuries. Manuscript sources, rare printed texts, visual images, objects and maps document this fascinating history.

The resource includes a wide range of manuscript, printed and visual primary-source materials as well as other key features to support research and teaching. One can use the fully searchable interactive chronology to discover facts and world events, explore voyages to China using an interactive map, find out about different merchants and the companies they formed in the Merchant Biographies and view online exhibitions to find out about aspects of the collection. A helpful tour of the collection is available.



Dec 06 2013

Qing Historical Figures

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Dec. 6, 2013. Princeton users have now access to the Qing Historical Figures (大清國史人物列傳及史館檔傳包傳稿資料庫) database at .

This database contains material used by the Guoshiguan to prepare biographies planned to be included in the Qingshi to be compiled later, held at the National Palace Museum in Taibei, Taiwan. They include the so-called biographical packages (zhuanbao), biographical drafts (zhuangao), and the biographies presented to the court, the Jinchengben Da Qing guo shi ren wu lie zhuan.

The biographical packages contain a wide variety of notes, texts, obituaries, memorials, chronologies, memorials, nianpu, even collected writings and other material; 3,536 such packages are included, and they are for the first time made available. The 8,384 drafts included are drafts in various stages of compilation, of which only the very the last stage are those made for the Qingshigao. The 2,726 volumes of biographies presented at court to the emperor are official bound biographies of officials of specific ranks. A few (32) are in Manchu.

A special application must be installed to view the images. Please refer to the EAL pages (  to find passwords and other important information on how to use this database.

Oct 28 2013

Kyobo Mun’go Sŭk’ola (교보문고 스콜라 = Kyobo Scholar)

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Princeton users now have access to Kyobo Mun’go Sŭk’ola (교보문고 스콜라 = Kyobo Scholar) journal database.

The database can be reached through the following URL:


교보문고 스콜라 services 519 academic journals published in South Korea (mostly in Korean).

Subjects include Humanities, Social Science, Natural Science, Engineering, Medicine & Pharmacy, Agriculture, Economics & Management, Law.


Please send your questions about this database to Korean Studies Librarian at

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