Course Reserves

What you should know about the Engineering Library Course Reserve Service:

The Engineering Library processes course reserve requests for all departments affiliated with the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Faculty can submit lists of readings to the library by e-mail to Loretta Parker and cc: Andrea Baruzzi.

      When sending the list of materials for course reserves, please make sure to include the following information for each item:


      (full name), full


call number

      (if available from the Main Catalog),




    (if applicable).

  • The Library adheres to the dictates of copyright law and fair use standards with respect to the photocopying of print material and the scanning of electronic reserves.
  • Electronic Course Reserve (E-Reserves) provides students with online access to course readings through the Blackboard course management system.  The Library now also provides a link from the Course Reserve listings in the Main Catalog to all available electronic readings for each course.  We will scan individual book chapters, journal articles, etc. and set up links to electronic resources to which the Library has access rights.  Please direct questions about E-Reserves to Andrea Baruzzi, x8-6567.
  • Course Packets may also be placed on reserve.  The instructor is required to supply a copy to the Library.  Please do not submit ECR requests duplicating material contained in course packets.  Packets of more than 50 pages must be bound or gathered in a presentable binder.
  • Book, Video and DVD orders sometimes require several weeks.  Please submit requests for new material as early as possible.  You may request new titles before other items on your list.  When submitting orders, please include ISBN, edition, publisher and date in addition to author and title.
  • If preferred, the Online Reserve Request Service (ORRS) is an optional method to submit reserve requests. After its initial submission, a list of related materials can easily be updated and approved online in subsequent years. If you have questions about using ORRS, contact Andrea Baruzzi.
  • Please contact Loretta Parker, the Engineering Library Reserve Coordinator if you have any questions or problems with your course material. We are committed to serving your library needs and will do our best to ensure that your students have timely access to all required course material.