Completed in 2012-2013

Phase 2A included two parts: Swing Space and General Construction.

Phase 2A Swing Space provided temporary space for various departments and services throughout the building. These included the Hellenic Studies Reading Room (B-6-N), Library Training Room (B-2 and 3-J), Finance and Administration (B-6-L), Financial Services offices (2-16-E), Inter library Loan Services and Borrow Direct (B-13-E).

Phase 2A General Construction was the most complex of all of the anticipated phases of the project and took two years to complete. It focused primarily on improving the building systems interconnected throughout the older (1948) part of the library. In addition, renovations were made to main stair and new toilet rooms were added on most Floors.  A new circulation desk and staff areas were added on the 1st Floor.

At the end of 2013, A-Floor renovations of collection and study spaces had been completed.  This included: new graduate study rooms, a public reading room, library training room, new book stacks and staff areas.