Areas of Construction

Spring 2014

The 2nd and 3rd Floors of Firestone are now open! Browse the new brightly lit book stacks, study in one of the many new study carrels, or relax, read or reflect in one of the many beautiful reading rooms. See the artwork that is new to the Firestone Library. Enjoy!


Phase 3 of the Firestone renovation is ongoing. The southwest areas of B and C Floors, and the northwest area of A Floor are part of this phase. Here is what is to expect:

  • C Floor – The asbestos abatement is complete. Contractors will demolish the remainder of the former Microforms area and will be chipping out the concrete floor where the compact shelving was located. Expect localized disruptive noise from this work. The most disruptive work is being done while the library is closed.
  • B Floor – Contractors are demolishing the remaining rooms in the southern section of B Floor so that swing space offices and book stacks can be constructed. The Maintenance shop and Systems surplus have moved into the former Preservation lab. Sorting will move into swing space in early April.
  • B Floor – New compact shelving will be installed south of column line C and the area will be fit out for final occupancy to facilitate book relocation occurring next summer. This move will make way for the completion of additional Phase 3 work.
  • B Floor – There is an asbestos abatement project starting in the construction area on B Floor
  • A Floor – Asbestos abatement is ongoing behind the construction partition and should be finished around April 8th. Contractors will then begin their work.
  • University shops will be working on the stone parapet at the roof of the northwest stair. Expect disruptive noise from this work!
  • Tomorrow (3/15) painters will be working on the ceilings of the 2nd and 3rd Floors. Expect contractor activity and paint odor during this work.
  • Stair #5 (Access to lower floors from the Trustee Reading Room) will be closed during Phase 3

Other Upcoming Work

  •  University shops will be in the building on Thursday, March 13th testing and inspecting the elevators. They inspect one elevator at a time so there should be limited disruption. The fire shutters in the ’88 addition will be tested during spring break.
  • SPRING BREAK work – The 3rd Floor Signature reading room will be closed during spring break! During that time, a new specially designed tapestry will be installed as well as window treatments. Additional artwork (sculpture etc.) will also be installed. Finish work on the grand stair to the mezzanine will be completed.

General Information:

  • Original bathrooms on the west side of the A,B, and C floors are now permanently closed. New bathrooms are located off the elevator lobby on all floors.
  • Note: General hours of construction are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Note: Asbestos Abatement projects will be ongoing in various locations throughout the renovation. Notices of locations are typically included in Alerts above and also posted. If you have any questions or concerns about the abatement projects, please contact Robert Ortego, Environmental Compliance Manager at 609-258-1841

Check back soon for new photos and renovation updates.