Areas of Construction


General Information

Phase four work is almost complete and the new spaces are mostly viewable on both B and C Floors. Walk out of the main elevators on C Floor and get a glimpse into the new Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC) reception lobby and the Scheide Library. At the main elevators on B Floor, you can see down into the RBSC reception, see the entire new Center for Digital Humanities, and even the three restored blue metal carrels! Furniture installations will occur in July and staff will be moving into their new spaces in August! It will be a busy month in Firestone.

The new security offices, new staff bathrooms, and the ‘freshened up’ Staff Lounge will also open in August. At that time use of the Washington Road entrance should resume.

The work on the 1988 roof has begun and contractors are removing the soil and roof insulation. The 1988 addition is also now under construction. There is no access allowed with the exception of paging books still located on C Floor. More information is available on the library’s website. The work in this area will be completed in February of 2017.

General hours of construction are M-F from 6am to 3pm. The most disruptive noise is scheduled be completed by 10:00am daily.