Areas of Construction


Phase 5A and 5B work is almost complete! This work occurs in the 1971 addition (northwest area of Firestone) resulting in the closure of both the B and C floors of that addition and also extensive work on the green roof bordering Nassau Street and the west drive. The ’71 addition is expected to open up in early February with some work continuing around the atriums. The roof work is almost complete but will have temporary ground cover until the spring. If you look at the University home page on their website you will see a rendering of the space.

Phase 5B work on the first floor is also almost complete and is expected to open sometime in late January. The Exhibit Gallery will open at a later date, to be announced. Stay tuned for newly posted photographs of the progress made.

The ceiling above the scaffold is progressing well and the scaffold is expected to come down the latter part of January.

General hours of construction are M-F from 6am to 3pm. The most disruptive noise is scheduled be completed by 10:00am daily.