Areas of Construction


The 1971 addition, floors B and C, will be opening in mid-February. The collections are scheduled to begin moving into the new space on February 5th. All of the graduate study reading rooms will reopen, and late in February, Jefferson Papers will once again be located in Firestone. There will still be construction work in the southern section (south of column line K) and in the north atrium that will soon house the Scribner Collection. The east side of the first floor is also opening in mid-February, and patrons will find brand new beautiful reading rooms, artwork, and sun filled soft seating areas. There is a display of the retired card catalog drawer fronts, providing a bit of nostalgia for our alumni.

When students return on February 5th, the Trustee Reading Room will be open, however, the scanners and printers will be moved into the office on the right when you enter the room. The Information desk will be located to the west of the temporary Access Office right outside of the Trustee Reading Room. During this final phase of construction there will be a lot of activity to the north and west on the first floor and students may prefer to work in other finished areas of Firestone.

Please refer to the renovation floor plans on this site for more information.

We’ve come a long way and are in the last stretch of this almost decade long renovation! Just one more year and the entire building will be transformed…hang in there!

.General hours of construction are M-F from 6am to 3pm. The most disruptive noise is scheduled be completed by 10:00am daily.