Areas of Construction


An asbestos abatement project is ongoing on the B Floor just south of the bathroom core. Expect disruptive noise at times.

Work continues on A Floor adjacent to the long atrium. This space when complete will house the Microforms Service areas, the Research and Instructional Services and new offices for the public service librarians currently located on the first floor. This area will also include the Bloomberg computer stations and is expected to open in late June.

Work on the southwestern and western area of B Floor continues. Once open late this summer, there will be new book stacks, seating areas, and two library training rooms. The C Floor storage areas are almost complete. The main stair should open to B and C Floors this summer when the completed areas open. The northwest stair will be accessible from the A Floor again.

General Information

The Main Stair is closed to B and C Floor. Please use the main elevators or northwest stair for access to these floors. General hours of construction are daily from 6am to 3pm. Most disruptive noise is scheduled to be completed by 10:00am daily.

Asbestos Abatement – If you have any questions regarding asbestos abatement in Firestone, please contact Robert Ortega, Environmental Compliance Manager, at or call 258-1841.