Areas of Construction


There are no construction events this week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

General Information

The former RIS area has moved to the first floor. The public service librarian’s offices are located in the reference area outside of the De Long room. The computers from that area are now located to the right as you enter the Trustee Reading Room.

The northwest stair is closed to A Floor. The Industrial Relations section and the Microforms Service area have alternative pathways to their locations. Please use the main elevators or the main stair to A Floor and follow signs.

The main stair is closed to B and C Floor. Please use the main elevators or northwest stair for access.

Books on B Floor have been shifted. Bookfinders are located at the B Floor elevator lobby if you need assistance. The Circulation desk can also offer assistance.

Partitions have been installed on B Floor near elevator creating new paths of travel. Signage is in place to help you navigate. Patrons will need to walk across Atrium bridge to access areas north of the long atrium, similar path of travel as the C Floor.

Asbestos Abatement - There are no abatement projects currently. If you have any questions regarding asbestos abatement in Firestone, please contact Robert Ortega, Environmental Compliance Manager, at or call 258-1841.

Ongoing construction information:

The southwest areas of B and C Floors, and the northwest area of A Floor are part of Phase 3. Please note the following:

  • C Floor – Construction partitions are in place and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing work is ongoing in the work area.
  • B Floor – Contractors are currently demolishing above ceiling mechanical and electrical equipment/devices. Expect disruptive noise at times.
  • A Floor – Contractors are installing finishes in the area behind the Library Training room. Areas is almost complete. Work continues on the north side of A Floor along the atrium. Expect disruptive noise at times.
  • Stair #5 – Access to A Floor from the Trustee Reading Room only
  • Loading dock entrance - There will be increased activity at the loading dock, please use caution when using this entrance!

General Information:

  • Original bathrooms on the west side of the A,B, and C Floors are now permanently closed. New bathrooms are located off the elevator lobby on all floors.
  • Note: General hours of construction are 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.