Areas of Construction



General Information

The Firestone renovation is a little more than halfway finished! We are currently in the middle of Phase 4 of a total of six phases. This phase is one of the most complex phases of the project, and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2016. When finished, the original 1948 building will be almost fully renovated with the exception of the first floor. The construction work in Phase 4 occurs on the A, B, and C Floors. There is also ongoing major maintenance work on the roof of the Trustee Reading Room and the 3rd Floor roof.

The completion of Phase 4 will provide a new home for the Center for Digital Humanities and the Video Library, both located on B Floor. Rare Books and Special Collections will have their new home on C Floor, with their reception area viewable through a glass ‘lantern’ from the B Floor above near the elevator lobby.

As part of Phase 4, the long atrium is closed. Please visit the other atria on the C Floor, and also newly renovated spaces on A, B, 2nd and 3rd Floors.

Roof and parapet work along the perimeter of the Trustee Reading Room will be ongoing for the next month or so. Expect disruptive noise from this work.

General hours of construction are daily from 6am to 3pm. Most disruptive noise is scheduled to be completed by 10:00am daily.

Asbestos Abatement – There is an asbestos abatement project currently on the Trustee Reading Room roof. If you have any questions regarding asbestos abatement in Firestone, please contact Robert Ortega, Environmental Compliance Manager, at or call 258-1841.