Areas of Construction


Phase 4 work is now complete!  Go to the B Floor and visit the new Center for Digital Humanities, the Video Library, and, if an Alum, go back in time when viewing and sitting in one of the three restored blue metal carrels! On C Floor the new Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC) department is now open. View the new Scheide Library from the elevator lobby.  With the exception of the 1st floor, most of the original 1948 building has been renovated! The work on the 1988 roof continues with the soil returning in the next few weeks.

Phase 5 work has started on the first floor and will transform the former RBSC exhibit gallery and department into new public reading rooms and a new state of the art exhibit gallery.  The public will once again be able to view some of the rarest and special collections held by the department. Check back next year for more information on when the new exhibit gallery is slated to open. The 1988 addition on the B and C Floors will open in late February with an abundance of scholar carrels and student study areas.

General hours of construction are M-F from 6am to 3pm. The most disruptive noise is scheduled be completed by 10:00am daily.